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Stephen King loves this dental thriller

Did you know that one of Stephen’s King’s ten favourite books is about a dentist? Specifically, a turn-of-the-century novel about a San Francisco dentist, McTeague, that’s become a minor classic of American literature. What has changed in dentistry since the time that the novel was published in 1899, and what is still the same? Here … Read more

“Auntie Toothache” by Hans Christian Andersen

Auntie Toothache by Hans Christian Andersen

Who says that emergency dentistry cannot be a subject for great literature? “Aunty Toothache” by Hans Christian Andersen is a parable about friendship and art. In the story, teeth serve as symbols of friendship, and losing a tooth foreshadows the death of a friend. Tooth pain accompanies, and is compared with, the pain of attempting … Read more