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Lost or Broken Veneer

A veneer is a shell that covers the tooth to enhance its appearance or to restore its shape. If your veneer becomes broken, loose or lost altogether, you may experience increased tooth sensitivity, nerve inflammation and gum irritation. Since the tooth has become exposed, there is also a risk of tooth decay.

Why did this occur?
Veneers may become broken or loose for various reasons, including general wear and tear, a heavy bite, excessive grinding and clenching, and new decay under the veneer.

What can I do until I see a dentist?
If the veneer has fallen off, please save it and bring it to the dentist. Until you are able to see the dentist, you should keep the area clean by rinsing with salt water, and avoid chewing on the affected side. If you are in pain, you can also take an anti-inflammatory such as Advil, unless you are allergic.

What will the dentist do?
The dentist must determine the reason that the veneer failed before recommending a course of action. If at all possible, the dentist will attempt to cement the veneer back onto the tooth. If the veneer is broken or lost, the dentist may be able to redo the veneer. If the veneer has failed due to new decay, the underlying decay must be treated before the veneer can be redone.

Do you have a lost veneer or a broken veneer?

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