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A vampire with a toothache

Vampires are scary. Visits to the dentist can be scary. So what could be scarier than a vampire with a toothache? In this hilarious YouTube video, a vampire in pain visits an emergency dentist, and ends up biting off more than he can chew!

The story starts, as visits to dental offices often do, in a waiting room. The camera pans to a corkboard with the usual dental posters. “Brush for healthy teeth and hygiene” and “Full care for a full bite” they proclaim. Below the corkboard sits a patient in the waiting room, reading a newspaper with an unusual article: “Lack of garlic in local area.” The patient wears a black cape with a upturned red collar, and has a pronounced widow’s peak.

The patient puts down his newspaper, annoyed. The source of his annoyance? A wide-eyed boy wearing a baseball cap, slurping loudly on a straw. In frustration, the vampire tries to scare the boy away with a roar, revealing his formidable fangs. But his tooth starts to throb, and the vampire is forced to retreat.

Finally, a blinking sign indicates that the dentist will see the vampire. The vampire hurries down a dark corridor to the door of the dental office, only to recoil in horror. The dentist is named “Dr. V. Helsing”—just like the vampire hunter in the Bram Stoker novel!

The vampire seats himself in the dental chair and looks worriedly at the pale light coming from the window. Vampires, of course, cannot survive in daylight. Suddenly, he is blinded by the even scarier glare of the dental lamp, and then sees the outline of a woman aiming a sharp instrument at him. He screams, only to see an attractive redheaded dentist smiling at him.

The lady dentist props open the vampire’s jaw with cotton wads and plunges an outsized needle into his mouth. As the dentist rummages for instruments, the vampire looks hungrily at her neck. The dentist then inserts a golden crown onto the vampire’s front incisor and hands the vampire a mirror to check the result. But of course, when the vampire looks in the mirror, only the dental work is visible. Vampires cannot see their reflection in mirrors.

As he leaves, the vampire tries one more time to bite the dentist’s neck, but is thwarted by the young boy, who smashes the door against the vampire’s teeth.

Now that’s scary!

Vampire’s Crown (Animation):