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How to reduce your risk of getting a cracked tooth during the pandemic

To an emergency dentist, it’s no surprise that there has been a significant increase in cracked teeth during the global coronavirus pandemic. With pandemics, an increase in stress is inevitable, and an increase in stress means an increase in the various factors that can contribute to a cracked tooth. Add to that the discomforts of … Read more

Stephen King loves this dental thriller

Did you know that one of Stephen’s King’s ten favourite books is about a dentist? Specifically, a turn-of-the-century novel about a San Francisco dentist, McTeague, that’s become a minor classic of American literature. What has changed in dentistry since the time that the novel was published in 1899, and what is still the same? Here … Read more

This toothache remedy is NOT recommended by your dentist

This toothache remedy is NOT recommended by your dentist

File this one under “history of dentistry.” It seems hard to believe now, but cocaine was once touted as a remedy for tooth pain. The photo shows a 19th-century advertisement for a toothache remedy that would certainly not pass muster with modern dentists. The ad itself, which promises an “instantaneous cure” for tooth pain, might … Read more