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Watch the Ikea monkey brush his teeth

Not only is the Ikea monkey a sharp dresser… he’s also got great teeth cleaning skills. Darwin, the Japanese macaque known in Toronto and around the word as the “Ikea monkey,” demonstrates his tooth brushing technique in a video posted on YouTube.

Here’s a synopsis of what transpires:

The video starts with a woman, hair pinned up and casually dressed in a t-shirt, cradling in her arm an adorable monkey. The woman is energetically brushing her teeth with a blue toothbrush; the monkey is cleaning his chompers with an orange one. Both woman and monkey are holding their toothbrushes at the recommended 45° angle.

A man’s voice informs viewers that they are witnessing “Mother and son brushing teeth, getting ready for bed.”

The woman brushes the bottom left, bottom right, and top right corners of her mouth, but seems to miss the top left corner. The woman pauses from brushing her teeth to encourage the monkey with the words, “Good work! Stay!”

Meanwhile, the monkey nibbles on his toothbrush, licking off the toothpaste and flipping the toothbrush around to gnaw on the handle. The woman then says, “No, no! Hold it like this,” gently putting the monkey’s toothbrush back into the right position.

What do you think? How does the Ikea monkey’s tooth brushing technique stack up against the woman’s? Should the Ikea monkey also be taught to floss? More importantly, when will the Ikea monkey be spotted, nattily dressed, in the waiting room of a Toronto dentist?