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The facts on fluoride

As a strategy to prevent or reduce cavities, fluoride gets top marks for effectiveness and ease of use. That said, myths surrounding fluoride continue to circulate. These facts from North America’s leading dental health authorities should help put your mind at ease. What is fluoride and how does it help the teeth? Fluoride is a … Read more

The Dentist Who Became Toronto’s Mayor

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon digging through the Toronto library archives, you’ll find many interesting stories from a bygone era, including the unlikely story of how a Toronto dentist and public health advocate once held political office. Back in the 1940s, Dr. Frederick L. Conboy was the mayor of Toronto for four years, but … Read more

Xylitol and your teeth

It looks like sugar, it tastes like sugar, but it’s definitely not sugar. A sugar substitute found in nature and in the body, xylitol has 40 percent fewer calories than sugar (and contains no fructose). But the best news about xylitol is that it can help you get fewer cavities. How is this possible? Unlike … Read more

Flossing and the Death of Expertise

Does gum disease really lead to heart disease

In the summer of 2016, a dental health story briefly dominated the headlines. What was the scoop? According to the Associated Press, the longstanding recommendation of the American Dental Association that patients floss regularly was not based on “strong evidence.” That is to say, some scientists had done research, and then other scientists had deemed … Read more

If Monkeys Were Dentists

Have you ever felt ridiculous attempting to make small talk while someone sticks their hand into your mouth? Have you ever noticed that the chairside conversation in dental offices always seems to turn to travel? This great video, from the BBC Talking Animals series, shows just that. In the video, one monkey reclines on a … Read more